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Chiang Mai with Kids

Our Guide to Chiang Mai With Kids


If you are heading to Thailand then Chiang Mai is an absolute must do, particularly if you are travelling with kids. Away from the traffic, noise and pollution of Bangkok you can explore the sights of Thailand’s second city on foot, or by tuk tuk with ease.

Prices are lower, the weather is cooler and you will see some of the best scenery that Thailand has to offer. Getting there is super easy too, check out our post about that here.


Accommodation in Chiang Mai for Families

Finding accommodation in Chiang Mai with kids, is easy, there are tons of choices ranging from budget hostels right through to amazing 5 star spa resorts. It really depends on you and your budget. We chose to split our time between a spa resort in the hills of Mae Rim and a budget friendly family guest house (Yak Guesthouse, Chiang Moi Khao Road) in the old part of the city. Both were great, in very different ways and gave us the opportunity to explore different parts of the region.


Prices in a shared dorm room start at around 300 Baht (£6) per night, family rooms in a guest house at around 600 Baht (£11) per night and luxury accommodation ranges from around 10,000 Baht (£200) a night upwards.


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The scenery in Mae Rim is absolutely stunning. (Photo taken at Panviman Spa Resort Chiang Mai)


Family Friendly Attractions in Chiang Mai

We found that Chiang Mai has family friendly activities to suit every taste and budget. Much to our dismay we didn’t have the time or money to try them all, but we managed to test out a few:


Art In Paradise

Allegedly the worlds biggest 3D art museum – regardless of whether it is or it isn’t, this museum is fantastic for both kids and adults. Its an interactive museum where you are encouraged to get involved with the art and take as many photos as possible. Priced at 300 Baht for adults and 200 Baht for kids, we thought it provided good value for money as we managed to spend a whole afternoon there.



Chiang Mai Zoo

Home to Thailand’s Royal Pandas and a host of other beautiful animals, Chiang Mai Zoo was a great day out for us. We are not usually fans of animal related attractions, but we had heard a lot of good things about this zoo so wanted to check it out for ourselves. We weren’t disappointed and enjoyed riding the safari bus around the zoo, stopping off at the exhibits that we were interested in and skipping the ones that we weren’t. The highlight was definitely the pandas  and being able to hand feed the elephants and giraffes. The entrance fee is very cheap but be aware that there are additional costs for some exhibits, like the Aquarium and Safari bus. If you pay to see every exhibit it could work out to be an expensive day out.


City Walking  Tour -Cost Free Day Out in Chiang Mai With Kids

There are companies that can arrange these for you, or you could pay a tuk tuk driver to take you around the city and its main attractions, but we decided to go it alone. We chose to wander around the old city on foot and explore the many Wat’s that are scattered around the city. We also found an amazing vegetarian restaurant in the process where the owner gave our kids a lesson in traditional Thai dancing. Sometimes its nice to have a free day out!


Wat Bupparam, Chiang Mai

Eating Out with Kids in Chiang Mai

Food glorious food, Chiang Mai is ram packed with it. Street food, fast food, vegetarian food, international food and gourmet food. No one will go hungry, even fussy eaters will find something that they like. The prices here are a little cheaper than Bangkok, but fairly average for Thailand as a whole. We loved breakfast at the Art Café, toasties from 7 Eleven and sampling a range of Thai and Indian food from the restaurants near the night market.


Have you ever been to Chiang Mai with kids, or without? What did you think, did you love it as much as us? Do you have any other suggestions for families travelling to Chiang Mai? Leave us a comment below.



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