Family Travel, A Global Adventure World Wide With Kids

World Wide Travel With Kids

Family Travel, A Global Adventure World Wide With Kids

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Blogging Our Way Around The World

We are LizGavinFrancis and Evie – A British family of four who left the UK in March 2015 to embark on a journey of full time family travel, around the world.

We started off in Germany where we spent 7 months living and working on the top of a mountain, after that we headed on to France to explore the wonders of Paris and then we spent winter 2015/2016 backpacking our way around ThailandVietnam Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Spring 2016 will see us living and working in Rome, Italy following an epic road trip across Europe. After that, who knows? We will figure that out at some point, later on in 2016. Full time family travel means no fixed plans, we can go where ever we want to, when we want to. We are location independent.


Family Travel Blog


World Wide Family Travel Is Possible, Affordable & Achievable

We Do It Full Time & So Could You


You might be questioning ‘how can a family travel full time, surely that’s not affordable?’ or ‘they must have already been super rich to be able to afford to travel around the world?’. Have they won the lottery?. The answer is no, none of the above. We didn’t rob a bank either….We’re not rich by any means, this was the kind of life that we dreamed of living, so we got creative to make it happen.

There is no magic formula to affording full time family travel, we have to stop to earn money sometimes. We don’t have a bottomless pit of cash (if only!) and we aren’t running up debts on our credit cards. What we do have is a passion for travel and a strong desire to work less and explore more.

So how do we do it? Its easy really, we stop in one new country each summer to immerse ourselves fully in the local culture, travel slowly and find work as hosts on luxury campsites. We are currently working with a fantastic company that provides us with free accommodation, inclusive of all utility bills and a good salary. We earn enough to enjoy and explore the country that we are working in and are able to save enough so that we have the whole winter off, travelling wherever we want.



Is Full Time Family Travel Sustainable? How Do The Kids Get An Education When You Are Travelling?



Full time family travel is definitely sustainable if you are prepared to be creative with your work and lifestyle choices. We cant afford fancy cars and designer clothes anymore, but we didn’t want them anyway. What we wanted was more time together as a family, the sun on our backs and a rich global education for our kids.

If working as a campsite host isnt for you, then there are other jobs out there that can work for families. You could also consider using the skills that you already have to work online or work for a short period in a new country. There are lots of work opportunities for families and couples all over the world.

Educating kids when you are travelling is really easy; we aren’t teachers or experts in specific subjects but our kids are learning about topics and subjects that mainstream schools would never touch. They are surrounded by new learning opportunities everyday, travel is broadening their education and minds. Core subjects such as Maths, Science and English are covered through the use of workbooks and online programmes. When we hit a subject that we are struggling to cover by ourselves, we will employ local tutors to support the kids.

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