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Travel Memories

Travel Memories. How Can Kids Record Them?

Mini bloggers Part 1.


Travel memories are a huge reason why we started this blog. Not just for us, but for our kids too. When we first started out I tried to encourage the kids to complete a journal. Their enthusiasm for it lasted about a week. I think they would rather pull their own teeth out than complete a journal, so I asked them to come up with a compromise.

Sometimes they produce PowerPoint presentations on places we have been to, or things we have seen. Sometimes they make a record through photos and other times they draw pictures. Im happy as long as they are doing something! Today Evie asked if she could write a blog post. I thought it was a great idea. Will it become a regular feature? I hope so, but I wont hold my breath….


Me swimming in Chiang Mai, Thailand

How do kids record their travel memories? Mini bloggers Part 1.

At the moment im in Cambodia but I have already been to Thailand and Vietnam. They are both very different country’s including Cambodia. My favourite country was Vietnam, then Cambodia, then Thailand because I was very excited to go to Thailand but it wasn’t like I thought it would be.

I’ve been on 3 trains, 5 buses, 3 mini buses and I don’t even know how many taxis I’ve been in.

A few days ago I went to all the temples in Angkor, including the Tomb Raider temple and we found the dinosaur carving!!! Angkor Wat is massive, it was the biggest temple I have ever been in. I learned loads of things, like all the carvings tell a story and have a meaning.


The cat at our Home Stay in Siem Reap.

We had our own little tuk tuk driver from the homestay and they were a very nice family. We stayed an extra night there and we went to the play park with them and it was a fun fair. It was cool! We went on bumper cars, a bouncy castle and a roller coaster, then we headed back to eat at a restaurant that serves very nice Cambodian food.

Everybody seems to love the temples but I don’t love them, I like them.

When I was in Germany last year I was so excited to be going on a big trip to South East Asia and I was right about being excited!

Thank you for reading my first post.

Evie, age 8

Do you encourage your kids to record their travel memories? How do you do it?


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