Family Travel – What do the kids think?

World Wide Travel With Kids

Family Travel – What do the kids think?

Family Travel –

Hi, I’m Evie from World Wide With Kids. I’m 8 years old and I love travelling to new countries. So far ive travelled in Spain, France, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland and Tobago.

Family Travel Is The Best


My favourite country is for family travel is France, because its always sunny when we go there and I love going to the beach in St Tropez! I love pain au chocolats and croissants too. We are going to visit Paris soon and I’m really looking forward to going up the Eiffel Tower.


My favourite thing about family travel, is spending time with my family. I love it when we have days out, I like taking photos for the blog and helping mom edit them.


I like our travelling lifestyle because I get more free time and I get to be home schooled. I’m really looking forward to going to Cambodia and eating fried tarantula.


I’m enjoying living on a campsite, as there is loads of stuff for me and my brother to do. We like to go swimming together and play tennis. They have a toboggan on our campsite too, you can go really fast on it.


Sometimes I miss my friends and family in England, I’m looking forward to visiting them soon but I don’t want to move back to England. It’s too cold there!



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Hi, I’m Francis from World Wide With Kids, I’m 9 years old and I love Minecraft!


I love full time family travel because its more exciting than just staying in one place all of the time. I also get to spend lots of time with my mom and dad. That hardly ever happened in England, they worked all  of the time.


My favourite country that we have travelled to is Tobago because I got to hold some lizards and our hotel had a great swimming pool. The country that I am most looking forward  to visiting is Cambodia because it looks amazing there and they have really cool history that we can learn about in home school.



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