Landal Warsberg – Camping in Germany

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Landal Warsberg – Camping in Germany

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Landal Warsberg, In Den Urlaub, 54439, Saarburg, Germany


Have you ever considered camping in Germany? Its not a country I had ever thought about visiting before. Landal Warsberg is a huge campsite, and from March-November 2015  is going to be the place we call home. Its truly beautiful here; Landal Warsberg is set on the top of a mountain and surrounded by nature trails through the forest. Vineyards sit on the sides of the mountain where you can wonder freely around them and experience spectacular views.

There is so much to do here and the best bit…..were getting paid to be here! You can read more about that here.



If you are heading out from the UK, Landal Warsberg is an easy 4.5 hours drive from Calais – plan your ferry right and you could do the whole trip in one day. Make sure you stop off for fuel in Luxembourg, the cost savings are huge!

There are hundreds of pitches on the site (in high season the site holds around 3000 people) – you can bring your own campervan, caravan or tent. Alternatively you can hire a mobile home, or ‘glamping’ tent from Canvas Holidays. Prices are cheaper April-May & September-October. Book early for discounts in the school holidays.


The site has loads of activities for kids;

Swimming pool & spa area

Tennis & badminton courts

2 Football Pitches

Organised activities at the Bollo Bear club

Adventure Play Areas




If you’re on a budget there is a Lidl supermarket at the bottom of the mountain where you can stock up on low cost, good quality produce. If money isn’t an issue, then the site boasts its own restaurant and convenience store and there are some wonderful restaurants in Saarburg.

Our favourites are the Mandarin Chinese and Bella Vista Trattoria. Both offer delicious meals at reasonable prices, lunchtime menu’s are even cheaper.


You don’t need a car to access Landal Warsberg as it has its own cable car that takes you from Saarburg town right up to the sites panoramic pancake house & toboggan ride.

If you plan to use the cable car then buy your tokens at the campsite reception to make some good savings on the price (almost 50%). Its an enjoyable ride on the cable car, but if you’re a little nervous then ask the attendants for a yellow flag and they will stop the cable car for you when you get on and off.


One of our guests was so inspired by her recent trip to Landal Warsberg, that she wrote her own blog post about it.

Have you stayed at Landal Warsberg? How did it go? If you would like some help planning your next camping trip, leave us a message below. We would love to help!


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