The Best Hot Chocolate In Luxembourg

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The Best Hot Chocolate In Luxembourg

Best Hot Chocolate in Luxembourg

If you are on a mission to find the best hot chocolate in Luxembourg then look no further….we have found it (you can thank us later). Located directly opposite the Grand Ducal Palace The Chocolate House by Natalie Bonn is a sublime artisan café, packed wall to wall with every chocolate treat you could imagine.

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How to order

Grab a table outside to enjoy views of the palace, or head upstairs where you will find tables that will suit bigger groups. The service is a little confusing but very friendly; if you would like to try one of the 60 varieties of hot chocolate then head inside the main café area, choose your ‘chocospoon’ flavour then go back to your table and ask a waitress to bring you a cup of hot milk to dunk it in.


If you would like to order a cake or pie, then you will need to select it from the counter inside the café where you will be issued a numbered ticket to take back to your table. Everything else can be ordered off the menu from your table and it will be brought straight over to you.


What’s a chocospoon?


Small wooden spoons are placed into chunks of chocolates (ranging from 40% to 99% pure chocolate) infused with a range of flavours such as orange, caramel bourbon and nougat. You dip your ‘chocospoon’ into a mug of boiling milk and create the best hot chocolate you will ever taste.


An Assortment of Goodies at Natalie Bonn Chocolate House

Natalie Bonn we salute you, your Chocolate House is the kind of place that foodie dreams are made of. We will be back!



Have you ever tried a Choco Spoon?

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